108 Roosevelt Ave.
Maddock, ND 58348


The hotel rooms (overnight rooms) are $65.42 per night, plus 5% state tax and 2% city tax ($70.00 total). Discounted weekly rates are available, please inquire.

The apartments are $430 per month for the one-bedroom apartments #4 & #6 and $575 per month for the two-bedroom #5. Apartment 7 (attic apartment) is $525 with electricity included. The rate includes heat, available laundry, water, sewer and garbage. The renter is responsible for electricity and if wanted, telephone, cable television and internet (North Dakota Telephone Company is the service provider). The attic was recently renovated in February 2020 and has its own washer and dryer. The monthly rate is $525 which includes all utilities (water, sewer, garbage, heat, and electricity). An airconditioner is also provided in apartment #7. Pictures below show views of 3 apartments.

Apartment #4

Apartment #5

Apartment #7 Attic

View looking east as you enter from the stairs.View looking at the kitchen of apt 7