108 Roosevelt Ave.
Maddock, ND 58348


The hotel rooms (overnight rooms) are $65.42 per night, plus 5% state tax and 2% city tax ($70.00 total). Discounted weekly rates are available, please inquire.

The apartments are $450 per month for the one-bedroom apartments #4 & #6 and $600 per month for the two-bedroom #5. Water, sewer, garbage, and a shared laundry is provided. The renter is responsible for electricity and if wanted, telephone, cable television and internet (North Dakota Telephone Company is the service provider). Apartment 7 (attic apartment renovated in February 2020) is $540 per month with electricity, heat, available laundry, water, sewer, air conditioner and garbage provided. Pictures below show views of 3 apartments.

Apartment #4

Apartment #5

Apartment #7 Attic

View looking east as you enter from the stairs.View looking at the kitchen of apt 7